Faith and culture must coexist to enact changes.

Faith and culture have been and will always be at the center of societal equity in black and brown communities. This relationship is critical in understanding the needs of its people and mobilizing these historically marginalized communities.

It takes everyone to bring solution.

Everyone has been affected by gun violence, mass incarceration, and mass criminalization, and everyone must be a part of the solutions to eradicate gun violence, mass incarceration, and mass criminalization.

Transformed people transform communities.

Providing essential resources through proven programs, policy/advocacy, and proclamations will lead to real transformation and healing in our people and in our communities.

Freedom and safety are human rights.

Democracy is a right that must be consistently curated to ensure that all communities are free and safe.


There are evidence-informed solutions to community issues that influence our work. As truthtellers, it is vital to be a reliable source of information and resources.


Live Free is a non-profit organization and social justice network dedicated to ending gun violence, mass incarceration, and mass criminalization through education, advocacy, and direct action. We are committed to creating safe, equitable communities for all. We are driven by our mission to build community power and agency by reimagining public safety and increasing civic engagement. LIVE FREE sees a world where every person is safely and peacefully connected to community. Join us in our fight for freedom, justice, and healing.

We will live safe!

We will live just!

We will live free!

Our Team