Live Free is a national organization dedicated to ending gun violence and the mass incarceration and criminalization of our communities.

Since 2011, we have been building a network of thousands of faith leaders, directly impacted leaders, and movement partners working to bring peace and healing to our cities.

Through education, advocacy, and investments in the field.

Education: Through our intensive Peacemaker Bootcamps, we educate community, government, and law enforcement leaders about best practices in violence intervention. We also partner with the University of Chicago Crime Lab and the Columbia University Justice Lab in producing research and building leadership development programs.

Advocacy: Through local community organizing and state and federal advocacy, we work to build the power of communities directly impacted by violence and incarceration so that they can demand effective public safety, including proper funding and support for community violence intervention (CVI) initiatives.

Investments: We have granted millions of dollars to community-based organizations and provided on-the-ground training and coaching to thousands of leaders in order to support campaigns for peace. The return on these investments has been billions of dollars in public funding for CVI initiatives and key criminal justice reforms throughout the country. 

Live Free helped design the University of Chicago’s new Community Violence Intervention (CVI) Leadership Academy. Check out this video of the weeklong module we taught in Oakland and learn more about the first cohort of leaders who just had their graduation at the White House.

Gun Violence

Mass Incarceration