This case study documents Oakland’s successful CVI initiative and describes some of the key ways that Live Free organizers galvanized the community and ensured a successful launch and implementation of the strategy.

Live Free commissioned polling in order to examine public attitudes regarding the public funding of community violence intervention (CVI). This 2022 poll demonstrates wide and bi-partisan support for CVI and provides clues regarding effective messaging.

Live Free commissioned a number of studies to examine the real taxpayer cost of gun violence in specific cities across the country where Live Free organizers are operating. In many cities, a single injury shooting costs taxpayers over $1 million.

Building a Mass Movement for Community-Led Public Safety
This report examines the state of advocacy for community violence intervention (CVI), provides case studies of successful grassroots organizing efforts, and lays out a vision for how to build a mass movement for community-led public safety.

Indiana Report
This report examines the successful community organizing efforts that led to reductions in gun violence and policing reforms in Indianapolis. The intensity of engagement and accountability provided by grassroots leaders in relation to city officials is described in the report as a form of “co-governance” between community and city leaders.