Developed in collaboration with Pastor Michael McBride and Sherrie Deans of Live Free USA, the Speaker Series is bringing together some of the biggest names in culture, art, sports, and activism. Through panel discussions, performance, and collective healing practices, the six-part series offers a platform to those most affected by state-sanctioned violence and a constructive framework for how we understand the intersections of art, suffering, and healing.

A Mother’s Love

A Father’s Heart

Sacred Intersectionality

Black August

More about Kehinde Wiley: An Archaeology of Silence

When Kehinde Wiley’s much-anticipated exhibition, “An Archaeology of Silence,” premiered in the United States on March 18, 2023 it brought forth a profound contemplation, particularly within a room devoid of any artwork.

This unveiling held significant relevance in a nation grappling with the aftermath of yet another instance of police violence against Black men, marking another chapter in the enduring narrative of brutality faced by Black and brown communities.

Wiley, the mastermind behind these works, which form an extension of his acclaimed series titled “Down,” embarked on this artistic journey in the wake of George Floyd’s tragic death in 2020 while in police custody.

“In America, there’s a different type of relevance,” remarked Wiley during a recent conversation at his expansive studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where various works-in-progress adorned the walls. “I wanted to craft an American narrative that transcends geographical boundaries.”

Through Wiley’s poignant artwork and the museum’s concerted efforts, “An Archaeology of Silence” served not only as a reflection of past and present struggles but also as a catalyst for dialogue, healing, and, ultimately, progress.