The LIVEFREE Symposium is a two-day event that brings Black institutional and grassroots leaders together to build tiered cultural and political power. Hosted by LIVEFREE CA in partnership with LIVEFREE USA, the symposium will empower you with crucial support focused on our three core pillars: BODIES, BALLOT & BUCKS. 

Whether you’re joining us after attending our Lobby Day, Bootcamp or an immersive experience (i.e., Alabama or South Africa) we’re excited to welcome you back for yet another empowered reunion to continue your Belonging journey. If this is your first step in making social change, congratulations! You’re in the right place. The LIVEFREE Symposium actively directs Black organizers toward harnessing the power of unity (Bodies), the power of civic engagement (Ballots) and our economic power (BUCKS) to drive transformative change.

Are you ready to make a profound impact on your community and beyond? Take the journey that amplifies Black institutional and grassroots leaders’ voices while fostering cultural and political empowerment.

Symposium Registration

Rooming Request: First and Last Name