Jabee Williams Honored as a Grio Hero

Jabee Williams Honored as a Grio Hero

We are proud to announce that Jabee Williams, the dedicated leader of Live Free OKC and a key figure at Live Free USA, has been recognized as one of the 2024 Grio Heroes. Following the tragic loss of his brother to gun violence in 2001, Jabee has committed his life to creating peace and healing in his community. He is also a two-time Emmy Award winner, reflecting his exceptional contributions to the community.

Jabee founded Live Free OKC, the city’s first initiative dedicated to reducing gun violence and building peace. Through targeted intervention programming, Live Free OKC employs four full-time violence interrupters, known as “peacemakers,” who work to prevent violence and address community needs like housing, employment, and mental health.

Jabee’s commitment to community activism is unwavering. He has hosted the annual Hip Hop Give Back Gift Raps event, offering toys, food, clothes, and more to those in need. When his Eastside Pizza House was robbed, he even offered jobs to those who stole from him, demonstrating his deep compassion and dedication to change.

“Jabee is worth this honor and many more. He is an incredible messenger of gun violence prevention and community-led intervention, a survivor who has turned his pain into power to improve his community and build a legacy. He continues to be among the many heroes doing this phenomenal work.” – Pastor Mike McBride

Thank you to Byron Allen and @theGrio for recognizing Jabee’s impactful work.

Read more about Jabee’s story and other Grio Heroes at https://thegrio.com/heroes/jabee-williams/



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