Police Brutality

Join Live Free USA, Google, and Love Not Blood for ‘A Father’s Heart’: Part Two of the ‘Archaeology of Silence’ Speaker Series at De Young Museum in San Francisco

Join LIVE FREE USA and Co-Presenters Google and the Love Not Blood Campaign on Saturday, June 17th at 12:00 p.m. PST for part two of our ongoing “Archaeology of Silence” Speaker series.  Held at the de Young Museum in San Francisco, this second installment, “A Father’s Heart,” will bring together Black men who have lost their children to state violence and [...]

Mothers Who Lost Children to Violence Speak Out: a Panel Discussion with Gwen Carr, Wanda Cooper, and More

Over Mother's Day weekend, we had the opportunity to listen to the voices of women who have experienced the heartbreaking loss of their children due to systemic violence. It was a time to honor and celebrate the lives of their beloved children while also learning about the courageous fight these women are undertaking to seek justice on their behalf. Panelist: Gwen [...]

Unjustly Taken: the Tragic Death of Darius Tarver at the Hands of Denton Police Officers

At just 23 years old, Darius Tarver tragically lost his life at the hands of the police. Concerned neighbors had called for help, hoping to ensure his wellbeing. However, instead of providing the assistance he desperately needed, four Denton Police officers responded by using a taser and shooting him, leading to his untimely death. Darius was recovering at home from a [...]

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Cop City in Atlanta: the Intersection of White Supremacy, Militarism, and Environmental Destruction

A significant gathering of activists took place at Atlanta's City Hall in anticipation of a council vote regarding the allocation of tens of millions in public funding for the proposed construction of a police and firefighter training center. This facility, commonly referred to as "Cop City" by activists, has been the subject of intense criticism and opposition. The meeting marked the [...]

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Meet Uncle Bobby: the Social Justice Activist Leading the Fight Against Police Brutality in America

Cephus Johnson, a.k.a Uncle Bobby, is a social justice activist at the forefront of ending police brutality in America. After his nephew, Oscar Grant, was murdered by a Bart police officer in 2009, Cephus founded two social justice organizations, the Oscar Grant Foundation and Love Not Blood Campaign. Since then, Cephus has received many prestigious awards for his activism, including The [...]

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Remembering George Floyd

Today we pause to honor the memory of George Floyd, whose life was senselessly stolen three years ago today. Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers continue to accompany his family, friends, and community. May his legacy forever stand as a testament to the power of unity serving as a rallying cry for justice, peace, and love. --------------------------

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7 Black People Killed by Police over False Gun Claims: No Charges Filed, Attorney Calls for Accountability

7 Black People Killed After Cops Falsely Discover a Gun That was Never There Yahoo - Kalyn Womack April 8, 2023   In a number of police brutality cases, the actions of a police officer are justified if the person is holding or reaching for a firearm, even when it is found later that the cop made a mistake. Recently, a [...]

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Justice for Dalaneo Martin: Civil Rights Investigation Launched into Fatal Police Shooting of Black 17-year-old in D.c.

Justice for Dalaneo Martin: Civil Rights Probe Launched into Fatal Police Shooting of Black 17-Year-Old in D.C. People - Brandon Livesay  April 6, 2023   Dalaneo Martin was shot by a police officer sitting behind him in the same car A civil rights investigation has been announced into the police shooting of Black Washington D.C. teenager Dalaneo Martin. Martin, 17, was [...]

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Register Now! Our Shared Struggled – Kehinde Wiley: An Archaeology of Silence Speaker Series

Kehinde Wiley: An Archaeology of Silence Speaker Series Developed in collaboration with Pastor Michael McBride and Sherrie Deans of Live Free USA, the Speaker Series will bring together some of the biggest names in culture, art, sports, and activism. Through panel discussions, performance, and collective healing practices, the six-part series offers a platform to those most affected by state-sanctioned violence and [...]

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Us Police Killings Reach Record High in 2022: Mapping Police Violence Report

‘It never stops’: killings by US police reach record high in 2022 The Guardian - Sam Levin    Law enforcement killed at least 1,176 people or about 100 people a month last year, making it the deadliest for police violence Police across the country killed an average of more than three people a day, or nearly 100 people every month last [...]

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