Orlando Gun violence declining in sync with new CVI program

Orlando Gun violence declining in sync with new CVI program, OPD data show

People involved in urban gun violence often live in communities defined by decades of disinvestment and isolation from state institutions, social services and education that could help them succeed. They’re also often struggling with trauma, says Live Free USA’s Antonio Cediel, who helps communities like Orlando launch gun violence reduction programs.

ORLANDO, Fla. — There were 27% fewer gun homicides and 31% fewer injury shootings between November 2022 and mid-August 2023, according to a year-over-year analysis of Orlando Police Department data by Spectrum News 13’s Watchdog team.


What You Need To Know

    • The program is based on an intervention model focused on helping the small group of people most likely to commit, or be impacted by, gun violence
    • Progress reports released by the city reveal the program got off to a delayed start, and still doesn’t have an operating location

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