By Nicole S. Daniel

The Birmingham Times


Onoyemi Williams, Deputy Director of Faith in Action Alabama’s Birmingham chapter, on Tuesday stood before nearly 50 attendees gathered at the Western Health Center in Midfield for Peacemaker Boot Camp Training and explained the difference between an activist and an organizer.

“You can become an activist by accident,” said Williams. “For example, Rosa Parks, she just didn’t want to get up. She was tired of the bus driver and in that moment, she didn’t have a long-term plan about the bus boycott; she was just sick and tired and took a stance right there.

“When you’re organizing, there’s a methodology. You’re looking at demographics, you’re understanding who you need to include, you’re bringing the community into the conversation, the community isn’t just watching the process, they’re actually engaged in the process, they’re walking with you through the process . . . organizing is relationships,” Williams said. read more



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