Coach Steve Kerr and Pastor Mike McBride speak out on Gun Violence

Don’t turn away from our failure to protect our elders and children. The blood of the innocent cry out to us from the ground. America’s soil is drenched with blood. We are coming for you @leadermcconnell @gop @nra #BanAssaultWeapons #PassUniversalBackgroundChecks #FundCVI #ScaleMentalHealthInfrastructure #Buffalo #Uvalde #EndGunViolence #Enough #Peacemaker #livefreefire SHAME ON @senategop?.

They blocked a procedural vote that would open the floor to discuss and then vote on domestic terror and gun violence legislation. Call them NOW at 202-224-3121 and DEMAND they do more than offer disingenuous thoughts and prayers.

What can @Democrats do? End. The. Filibuster. This will force @senategop to make votes on gun legislation, voting rights, #BuildBackBetter and so much more important legislation. #buffalo #uvalde #peacemaker #LIVEFREE #Repost @black2thefutureaction ・・・ The #Filibuster threatens checks and balances between the branches of government by giving senators the power to single-handedly block any bill from a final vote. Senators have the power to end the filibuster and pass a slate of bills that would begin to address the challenges facing Black communities across the country. Tell your senator to reform the Filibuster and get to work for Black people!�


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