Columbus’ new Office of Violence Prevention to be offered help from other cities

ABC 6 – Steve Levine

March 28, 2023


A national anti- violence network made up of cities across the country, is now preparing to help Columbus’ new Office of Violence Prevention.

“They’ll have access to us in terms of thinking through the shape of the office,” David Muhammad, Executive Director of the National Institute for Criminal Justice Reform said.

The California-based organization oversees a network of more than three dozen cities that operate anti-violence offices across the country.

“We advice all members to be clear of what goals you are trying to achieve,” Muhammad said. His office has already reached out to Columbus about being a part of the network.

Indianapolis is among the 38 cities that are connected to the National Offices of Violence Prevention network.

“Being able to bounce ideas throughout the nation is very helpful,” Tony Lopez with the Indianapolis office of Violence Reduction said.

A $1.5 M budget has been given to the Office of Violence Prevention for it’s first year.

“They‘ll get access to their peers, and many of these offices have learned a lot” he said.



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