April is the perfect time to launch Faith Leaders for Second Chances

April is Second Chances Month, a time to reflect on the power of redemption and the opportunity for new beginnings. This month, Live Free USA is excited to launch the Faith Leaders for Second Chances Campaign.
We are calling all clergy and faith leaders who have served time in jail, prison, probation, parole or alternative programs to join us in championing the cause of redemption, freedom, and healing. Your past does not define you; it is your journey of transformation and faith that inspires others.
We believe that faith leaders have a unique role to play in advocating for second chances. Your journey is a testament to the power of faith and the possibility of change. By leading from your narrative, you can inspire others to believe in the possibility of a better future.
The Faith Leaders for Second Chances Campaign is about more than just words; it’s about action. It’s about standing up for those who have been marginalized and forgotten, and championing their right to redemption and freedom.
Lead from your narrative and share your story of redemption and second chances. Your voice is powerful, and your experience can offer hope and inspiration to those who are still struggling. If you are a clergy or faith leader who has served time in jail or prison, we invite you to join us in this important movement. Sign up now at bit.ly/faithleadersfor2ndchances and be part of a community that is committed to making a difference.
Together, we can show the world the transformative power of second chances. Together, we can be a force for healing and change in our communities. Join us and let’s make April a month of new beginnings and renewed hope.
Sign up now to be part of this movement for change. Spread the word and let’s make a difference together. Together, we can show the world the power of second chances and the transformative grace of faith. Sign up today at bit.ly/faithleadersfor2ndchances.



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