Family of double amputee, Anthony Lowe Jr. shot dead by cops seeks justice: ‘He was not a threat’

Publication: NY Post
Author: Yaron Steinbuch
Date: February 2, 2023

The family of a double amputee shot dead by California cops is seeking answers to why they
needed to kill a wheelchair-bound man — while his ex-wife said video of the incident “broke
me.” Police said an officer opened fire because he was afraid Lowe was going to throw the large
knife at him.

“I just want the truth,” his mother, Dorothy Lowe, told reporters. “Anthony was a good person.
He was always there for his family. He’s our protector.”

“I just want justice, please. The whole matter of fact is this is a man who is the size of a child,
basically. What threat was that? What threat was that?” Simpson-Lowe said.



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