Brothers Pastor Michael McBride and Reverend Ben McBride are national leaders in the movement to reduce gun violence with community-centered and data-driven public health approaches.

In Oakland, California, they helped launch a nationally acclaimed strategy that cut shootings in half over several years, not by ramping up arrests, but by investing in social services and connecting young men in street groups with life coaches who grew up in similar neighborhoods. Police departments in cities around the country—from Portland to Chicago to New York—have sent officials to California to observe the model.

Amid a nationwide conversation about police brutality, public safety, and racial justice, and as shootings in many cities spike during the pandemic, join Pastor Mike, Reverend Ben, and Mother Jones reporter Samantha Michaels as they discuss the brothers’ revolutionary work. They’ll talk about how cities can re-envision their public safety systems, what a world without police might look like, and why it’s possible to drastically reduce violent crime without relying on armed officers in the streets.



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