LIVE FREE Applauds White House Actions on Ghost Guns 

For Immediate Release 

April 11, 2022 


LIVE FREE Applauds White House Actions on Ghost Guns 

WASHINGTON – In anticipation of President Joe Biden’s April 11 remarks on gun violence, LIVE FREE today applauded the administration for the steps they are taking in addressing ‘ghost guns.’ Leaders from the organization, who will be in attendance for the president’s remarks, issued the following statement: 

“Ghost guns have overrun Black and Brown communities due to the recklessness and profiteering of gun manufacturers and corporations,” said the Rev. Michael McBride, founder and executive director of LIVE FREE. “The administration’s actions are a necessary step. We commend President Biden and Assistant Attorney General Monaco for their actions today, while also urging broader efforts to keep Black and Brown communities safe.” 

McBride will be at the White House during the president’s remarks. He is available for comment before and after the speech.  

“We know that returning to a ‘tough on crime’ approach will not keep communities safe,” said Dr. Antonio Cediel, managing director for LIVE FREE. “It is imperative that local and state governments follow the intent of the Biden-Harris administration and direct funding to proven gun violence reduction and prevention strategies.”  

“Many municipalities are directing federal funding to everything but the strategies that have been proven to reduce gun violence and mass incarceration,” said Britt White, decarceration director for LIVE FREE. “As the Biden-Harris administration works with community-based groups, we hope it will also think about ways to spur state and local governments to act in the best interest of Black and Brown communities.” 




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