2020 brought us the highest number of gun homicides in over 20 years. Now more than ever, we need the federal government to respond now with a significant Gun Violence Relief Package!

Two weeks ago, LIVE FREE joined other leaders from Black and Brown-led gun violence prevention organizations in a meeting with Susan RiceAssistant to President Biden for Domestic Policy, and other key White House staff in order to raise the importance of investing in proven community-based violence intervention programs. At this meeting, we requested a $5 billion investment to #FundPeace in Black and Brown communities. Since then, we have been meeting with individual members of Congress in order to reinforce this ask.

As Congress and the White House begin to deliberate about the upcoming infrastructure bill, we believe that gun violence relief must be a part of it. What good will it to build new roads, if the streets aren’t safe? How will we reopen schools and get kids back to “normal,” if gun violence is peaking? How can we build back better when our people don’t feel safe?



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