Live Free OKC: community members and police talk about Tyre Nichols

Several protestors across the nation are coming together after the Memphis Police Department
released bodycam footage of the fatal beating of Tyre Nichols by officers at the
department.Community members used this opportunity to express their concerns to local law
enforcement leaders.

“If I’m someone who feels as if an officer acted unprofessionally, and I want to take this
complaint, how do we file it? How do we do it and then how do we know that we will be taken
seriously?… How are we assured that our voices will be heard? How are we ensured that we’ll
see justice?” said Jabee, civil rights leader and director of LIVE FREE in Oklahoma City.
The police departments heard from Isaiah Lewis’ mother. Her son was shot and killed by
Edmond police officers.

“We are real people. Our effect is life long because I have a life sentence of every holiday, every
anniversary, every birthday that my son is missing,” said Vicki Lewis, Isaiah Lewis’ mother.


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