Today LIVE FREE USA has issued the following statement in response to the re-introduction of the “Break the Cycle of Violence Act” proposed in the House of Representatives yesterday, July 28, 2023:

“LIVE FREE USA and our nation-wide Affiliates commend Congressman Steven Horsford’s re-introduction of the “Break the Cycle of Violence Act,” which represents a much-needed step towards addressing the deadly and pervasive toxin of violence in our society that disproportionately impacts Black and Brown communities. As one of the original co-architects of this bill when it was first introduced back in 2019, we stand behind policies that prioritize community and evidence-based approaches to violence prevention and intervention over over-policing, unjust arrests and mass incarceration.

In the past decade, LIVE FREE USA has allocated millions of dollars towards providing technical and capacity building support to hundreds of anti-violence leaders and organizers in cities like Oakland, Chicago, Detroit, Orlando, Buffalo, Indianapolis, Oklahoma City, and Birmingham. We know first hand the importance of continual, multi-year investments to helping local communities and governments sustain the success and efficacy of early intervention and rehabilitation programs that address the root causes of violence before it occurs.

The $6.5 Billion in grant dollars proposed in this bill would have a tremendous impact on the ability of those directly impacted by gun and community violence to have decision-making power and live free from fear and the persistent threat of harm, death, loss and grief. Now we urge more policymakers to step up and demonstrate their commitment to creating safer, thriving communities by supporting and passing this vital legislation.”




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