LIVE FREE USA joins in prayer for the families and loved ones of Angela Michelle Carr, Anolt “AJ” Laguerre Jr., and Jerrald De’Shaun Gallion, and stands with our comrades and the entire city and community of Jacksonville as they reel from the shock and devastation of this weekend’s mass shooting by a racist White supremacist vigilante.
We applaud the leadership of Rep. Angie Nixon and all of the community members and organizers for courageously speaking out against Governor DeSantis and his attempts to deflect from the dangerous rhetoric and policies promoted by him and his Administration, which have turned Florida into a breeding ground for hatred and violence against Black and other marginalized people and communities.
To our elected officials and members of the mainstream press, we urge you to stop mincing words and call this incident what it is — an act of White Domestic Terrorism.



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