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April 4, 2022



LIVE FREE Urges Support for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, Vice President Kamala Harris

OAKLAND, Calif. – On the eve of a historic confirmation vote for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, LIVE FREE today weighed in on the significance of the moment. The organization, which works to end gun violence and mass incarceration, released the following statement:

“That a descendant of enslaved people is being considered to sit on the highest court in the land is historic,” said the Rev. Michael McBride, founder and executive director of LIVE FREE. “Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is impeccably qualified. She also brings a wealth of education and insight that will serve the nation well. In sum, there is no valid or logical reason she should not be confirmed.”

“LIVE FREE is bearing witness and going on record to express support for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson,” said Dr. Antonio Cediel, managing director of LIVE FREE. “As people fighting for the liberation of Black and Brown communities, the Supreme Court touches all that matters to our communities. Everything from the Fourth Amendment to unlawful search and seizures to the scrutinization of rap lyrics to voting rights are all influenced by the Supreme Court. It is only appropriate that the Supreme Court must be as diverse as America.”

The organization also pleaded to ensure that, if confirmed, Brown Jackson faces realistic expectations.

“We should have a conversation around the expectations the nation places on Black women. Whether one is a judge or a school teacher, there is a reoccurring expectation that Black women must come to the table with solutions or magic tricks for every societal challenge,” said Britt White, decarceration director for LIVE FREE. “I think the role of organizers in this moment is to proactively set the environment to ensure that Brown Jackson and other leaders can thrive. Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson talks a lot about staying in her lane. Creating the conditions for success for community-minded leaders is the organizers’ lane, and I hope we get in and stay in that lane. Brown Jackson, and other high profile leaders, deserve no less.”



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