Meet the pastor who’s curbing Oakland’s homicides through anti-gun violence work, Preventing Gun Violence: the Inspiring Story of Live Free and Pastor Mike Mcbride, Live Free USA - Pastor Mike McBride

Pastor Mike McBride took proactive action to address the issue of gun violence by founding LIVE FREE. This initiative aims to tackle the root causes of gun violence through counseling potential shooters, fostering peace in neighborhoods, and building stronger community relationships.

Recognizing the urgent need for intervention, Pastor Mike McBride developed LIVE FREE as a comprehensive approach to preventing gun violence. The Oakland based organization focuses on reaching out to individuals who may be at risk of resorting to violence, offering them counseling and support to redirect their paths towards more positive outcomes.

LIVE FREE also seeks to alleviate tensions within communities by actively working towards conflict resolution and fostering peaceful interactions. By engaging in open dialogue, promoting understanding, and providing resources, the program aims to reduce hostility and build bridges among community members.

Furthermore, LIVE FREE places a strong emphasis on strengthening relationships within neighborhoods. Through community engagement initiatives, such as organizing events, workshops, and mentorship programs, the program encourages unity and collaboration among residents. By fostering these connections, LIVE FREE aims to create safer and more resilient communities that are better equipped to address and prevent gun violence.

Pastor Mike McBride’s visionary leadership and the establishment of LIVE FREE demonstrate a commitment to proactively addressing the complex issue of gun violence. By focusing on counseling potential shooters, easing neighborhood tensions, and strengthening community relationships, the initiative offers hope for reducing gun-related incidents and creating lasting change in impacted communities.


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