Pastor Mike McBride discusses recent shootings on MSNBC podcast Into America with Trymaine Lee

What can we do when the weight of the world becomes too heavy? 

Amid a gun violence epidemic that’s ravaging communities across the US, attacks on American history curriculums in classrooms, and failures from elected officials to protect voting and abortion rights, American democracy is in crisis.   

But Michael McBride, a pastor and community organizer, is showing us what a practice of persistence during times of despair can look like. With more than 20 years in ministry, McBride bridges the church and community organizations to work on some of the biggest systemic issues of our times: mass incarceration, gun violence, police reform. Regarded as a national faith leader, McBride took part in the Ferguson uprisings and the many that followed. And today, he continues to lend training and support to young people and religious organizations working towards Black liberation.  

On this episode of Into America, host Trymaine Lee speaks with Pastor McBride about how to soothe the enduring grief of this moment and what we can do to push onwards.


Into America: After the recent shootings in Uvalde and Buffalo, @trymainelee talks with @impastormike_ to figure out how we can push forward during times of hopelessness and despair.



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