North Carolina A&T students concerned after man arrested with guns and ammo on campus

WFMY News 2 – Itinease McMiller

April 4, 2023


North Carolina  A&T  State University students have lots of questions after Greensboro police said they arrested a man with two dozen weapons on their campus.

It happened more than a week ago, but students and parents just finding out about it now.

Shelby Samuels is a junior at the university. She was angry she wasn’t notified. 

“Nothing was talked about no alerts were sent we have an alert system for these reasons,” Samuels said. 

“It’s like for real. Y’all didn’t want to say anything to us it’s like we live here we stay here,” Freshman Demiara Cockerham said. “My parents live an hour and some change away.”

Cockerham said she had her friend walk her to class because she was still feeling uneasy.

“It’s sad we have to sit at night and think oh we’re going to barricade our door with our beds so we’re prepared if something happens,” Cockerham said. “We should not have to think that,” 

The university did not send a campus alert during or after the ordeal. 

“I get it yall didn’t want to make a fuss or commotion,” Cockerham said. “But y’all waited almost a whole 2 weeks until the news broke.” 

The university sent us this statement Monday saying ‘Because of the quick and decisive action of law enforcement, a campus alert was not issued, as the suspect no longer constituted an ongoing threat to campus safety.’

The university said Bentley is not associated with A&T in any way. 



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