The second installment of the “Archaeology of Silence” Speaker series, “A Father’s Heart,” was held at the de Young Museum in San Francisco. It brought together Black men who had lost their children to state violence and spotlighted their national efforts to support the healing of other fathers and loved ones who had experienced similar trauma. The esteemed speakers confirmed for the event were present.

Featured Speakers

Andrew Joseph Jr., father of Andrew Joseph III
Cephus “Uncle Bobby” Johnson, uncle of Oscar Grant
Arbuey Wright, father of Daunte Wright
Kevin Tarver, father of Darius Tarver
Pastor Michael McBride, Executive Director of LIVE FREE USA (moderating)


During the event, the de Young Museum provided a poignant and supportive space for these grieving fathers to share their stories, struggles, and efforts in seeking justice and healing. The exhibition showcased powerful artworks, photographs, and memorials dedicated to the lost children, serving as a visual representation of the pain and resilience these fathers had endured.

These amazing fathers took the stage, passionately addressing the audience and shedding light on the systemic issues surrounding state violence and racial injustice. They emphasized the importance of community support and collective action in bringing about meaningful change. Through their inspiring speeches, they ignited a sense of unity and determination among the attendees, motivating them to continue advocating for justice and healing.

As the event gained attention, it garnered substantial media coverage, drawing more significant public awareness to the critical issues faced by these bereaved fathers and their communities. Local and national news outlets featured interviews with some of the speakers, further amplifying their voices and stories, and initiating crucial conversations about police violence, racial disparities, and the need for reform.

Additionally, the event also facilitated partnerships with organizations working on social justice initiatives, leading to increased collaboration and resources for supporting affected families.



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