Big shout out to Faith in New Jersey for their Justice + Belonging Lab today in Trenton!

Amazing work! @faithinnj


A community leader today said we don’t share with each other out of fear. We don’t share what we are going through or how we are hurting our of fear of being judged or blamed for our situation. Yet today we shared with each other, we even shed a few tears, and in just 3 hours we saw each other. We saw our similarities across our differences and began seeing how we belong to each other. We heard stories of deep pain and loss but also great triumph. Today the powerful people of Trenton choose to step into the public square to organize for a world without gun violence. Thanks @justinbieber and the #justicetour for supporting our @livefreeusa #Belonglab #jbl #streetcertified #belonging @faithinnj PS Sorry we missed you in the group picture we took after the event if you already left. #livefree



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