Toni McNeil discusses Tyre Nichols body cam footage

Toni McNeil is a full-time Community Organizer with Faith in the Valley of the San Joaquin County. She works with various Clergy, Congregations, Community residents, and Concrete members surrounding Restorative Justice Issues such as: Gun Violence Reduction, Principled Policing, exposing/dismantling the Prison Industrial Complex, as well as Housing & Homelessness. She is also the founder of her own consulting business, Concrete Development LLC, where she provides trainings and group facilitations surrounding leadership development, vision casting, conflict resolutions, and bridging/belonging across differences.

Toni has a strong passion for healing and empowerment within communities of color through the means of active listening, training, and educating. Her focus is the revealing of truths that lie within power structures through strategic and intentional power mapping, research, and systemic analysis. She enjoys motivational speaking, group facilitating, and training at events and is especially skilled in the areas of Facilitating, Organizing, Advocacy, and Leadership Development.

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