Meet Rosa Clemente: Featured Speaker at the Upcoming Kehinde Wiley Speaker Series

Rosa Alicia Clemente is an award-winning organizer, speaker, political commentator, producer, independent journalist, scholar-activist and former vice presidential candidate. A leading voice of her generation, the Bronx-born Black-Puerto Rican is frequently sought out for her insight and commentary on Afro-Latinx identity, Black and Latinx liberation movements, police violence, colonialism in Puerto Rico, hip-hop feminism, third-party politics and more.   Rosa Clemente [...]

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Meet Michael Tubbs: Featured Speaker at the Upcoming Kehinde Wiley Speaker Series

Michael Tubbs is an American politician who is currently serving as a special adviser for economic mobility and opportunity for Governor Gavin Newsom. Tubbs raised over $20 million dollars to create the Stockton Scholars, a universal scholarship and mentorship program for Stockton students. He is the Founder and Chair of Mayors for a Guaranteed Income along with E.P.I.C.   Michael Tubbs [...]

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Meet Lateefah Simon: Featured Speaker at the Upcoming Kehinde Wiley Speaker Series

Lateefah Simon is a 25-year veteran organizer and nationally recognized advocate for civil rights and social justice. She is also an elected member of the Bay Area Rapid Transit board of directors and the President of MeadowFund. Simon also previously worked as the executive director of the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights of the San Francisco Bay Area. Simon is also [...]

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Meet Phillip Agnew: Featured Speaker at the Upcoming Kehinde Wiley Speaker Series

Phillip Agnew, a native of Chicago, Ill., and co-founder of the Dream Defenders. He found his voice as one of today’s most prolific community activists while a student at FAMU. In addition to serving as student body president from 2006-2007, a student member of the Board of Trustees, and the co-chair of the University’s Vote Coalition, he was recognized as a [...]

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Meet Angela Davis: Featured Speaker at the Upcoming Kehinde Wiley Speaker Series

Angela Davis is a political activist, author, and professor. She was born in Birmingham, Alabama in 1944. Angela experienced racism at a very young age. Birmingham was one of the most segregated cities in the country. Her neighborhood was nicknamed “Dynamite Hill” because of how often the Klu Klux Klan targeted the homes. Angela believed that capitalism and racism were dangerous [...]

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Meet Dorsey Nunn: Featured Speaker at the Upcoming Kehinde Wiley Speaker Series

Dorsey is a leading expert with over 40 years of professional experience in criminal justice reform. He is the first formerly incarcerated director of a public interest law office in California. Dorsey was sentenced to life in the California Department of Corrections when he was 19 years old. He paroled in 1981 and discharged from parole in 1984. Under his leadership [...]

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Join Live Free USA, Google, and Love Not Blood for ‘A Father’s Heart’: Part Two of the ‘Archaeology of Silence’ Speaker Series at De Young Museum in San Francisco

Join LIVE FREE USA and Co-Presenters Google and the Love Not Blood Campaign on Saturday, June 17th at 12:00 p.m. PST for part two of our ongoing “Archaeology of Silence” Speaker series.  Held at the de Young Museum in San Francisco, this second installment, “A Father’s Heart,” will bring together Black men who have lost their children to state violence and [...]

Mothers Who Lost Children to Violence Speak Out: a Panel Discussion with Gwen Carr, Wanda Cooper, and More

Over Mother's Day weekend, we had the opportunity to listen to the voices of women who have experienced the heartbreaking loss of their children due to systemic violence. It was a time to honor and celebrate the lives of their beloved children while also learning about the courageous fight these women are undertaking to seek justice on their behalf. Panelist: Gwen [...]

Report Reveals America’s 15 Safest and Most Dangerous Cities for 2023: Find out Where Your City Ranks

Report Ranks America’s 15 Safest (And Most Dangerous) Cities For 2023 Forbes - Laura Begley Bloom January 31, 2023 Although data shows that violent crime rates dropped in cities across the United States last year, crime is an increasing concern among many Americans—whose fears are only likely to grow with incidents like the recent spike in mass shootings.  For the third [...]

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Disrupt Mindsets and Create Opportunities: Toni Mcneil on Community Organizing for Youth Listen to Toni McNeil of Faith In the Valley San Joaquin share how community organizing can help youth create opportunity to disrupt their mindsets and make decisions while thinking of the bigger picture.   My name is Toni McNeil. I was born and raised in Stockton, California. I was raised, trained, cultivated, developed and well kept by the Concrete. I [...]

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