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Reduce Gun Violence: Prioritizing Community-based Interventions

Community-Based Violence Interventions: Proven Strategies To Reduce Violent Crime Center for American Progress - Akua Amaning and Hassen Bashir Leaders around the nation should prioritize community-based violence intervention programs to reduce gun violence and violent crime more broadly. Across America, communities are struggling to combat rising gun violence. Although overall crime rates remain low, the sale of firearms and instances of [...]

Reducing Gun Violence in America’s Cities: Why Community Violence Intervention Programs Demand Funding

There's a Proven Way to Reduce Gun Violence in America's Cities. We Just Need to Fund It TIME - EDDIE BOCANEGRA, ERICA FORD AND MIKE MCBRIDE More than 141 people were shot in our hometowns of Oakland, Chicago, and New York City over the July 4th weekend. The shooting victims included a 6-year old girl and her mother in the West [...]

Discover How Community Violence Intervention is Changing the Game in Combating Violent Crime

What's community violence intervention? DOJ pitches plan after awarding $100M in grants. USA Today - Grace Hauck February 16, 2023   Federal officials, community leaders and researchers are gathering in St. Louis this week to discuss a key component of the Justice Department's plan to combat violence in the U.S: community violence intervention and prevention programs. "We are funding programs that [...]

Columbus’ New Office of Violence Prevention to Receive Support from National Anti-violence Network

  Columbus' new Office of Violence Prevention to be offered help from other cities ABC 6 - Steve Levine March 28, 2023 A national anti- violence network made up of cities across the country, is now preparing to help Columbus’ new Office of Violence Prevention. “They’ll have access to us in terms of thinking through the shape of the office,” David [...]

Detroit Mayor Duggan Launches Community Violence Intervention Program to Curb Gun Violence

Mayor Duggan to launch gun violence prevention program at State of the City Detroit Free Press - Dana Afana   Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan is expected to announce a new federally funded crime prevention program at his 10th State of the City address Tuesday at the Michigan Central Station. The community-based violence intervention program, known as CVI, is aimed at preventing [...]

Congressman Bobby Scott to Provide $4.6m for Hampton’s Gun Violence Prevention Efforts

  HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) – Congressman Bobby Scott is expected to deliver $4.6 million to the City of Hampton Monday for gun violence prevention. The prevention tactics include education programs that highlight conflict resolution, the impacts of gun violence, and mental health. The City of Hampton says murders were down by 25 percent by the end of 2022 compared to the [...]

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Pastor Mike McBride interviews Damita Davis, Antonio Cediel and Teny Gross Live Free panel interview with Pastor Mike McBride. Get inspired by the amazing work of Damita Davis, Antonio Cediel, and Teny Gross who recount their experiences on the Lifelines to Healing Gun Violence Tour Damita Davis (Howard Cease Fire) Antonio Cediel (Live Free USA) Teny Gross (Institute of Non Violence Chicago)

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Black Church Rocks panel with Rev. Mark Thompson, Rev. Tony Lee, Dr. Tifani Blakes & Krystal Knight Black Church Rocks panel with Rev. Mark Thompson, Rev. Tony Lee, Dr. Tifani Blakes & Krystal Knight This panel features reflections by Rev. Mark Thompson, Rev. Tony Lee, Dr. Tifani Blakes and Krystal Knight. For information on the Black Church Pac visit UNLEASHING CONGREGATIONS TO SET PEOPLE FREE As people of faith, we know that our country’s legacy of [...]

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How Kehinde Wiley Is Reshaping the Monumental

Exploring the life and work of artist Kehinde Wiley, this film takes viewers on a journey from Wiley’s upbringing in South Central Los Angeles to his ascent as one of the world’s most iconic visual artists. Featuring interviews with the artist, his twin brother Taiwo Wiley, and his close friend and fellow artist Mickalene Thomas, the film supports the exhibition An [...]

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TEDx | Pastor Mike McBride – Peace in Our Time

As peacemakers, the LIVE FREE community knows achieving peace in our time is possible. It will require tremendous effort, collaboration, and compromise from all involved. Peaceful solutions to conflicts must be sought, and all actors must be willing to compromise and take steps toward a mutually beneficial resolution. In this abridged version of Pastor Mike McBride's TEDx talk delivered on [...]

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