Live Free OKC is on a mission to prevent gun violence

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — Live Free OKC is on a mission to prevent gun violence and they believe they have an alternative solution, launching Oklahoma’s first community intervention program. “What we know is that less than 1% of a city’s population is usually responsible for almost 60% of the gun related shootings and homicides,” said Pastor Mike McBride, Executive Director of [...]

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Recap: A Father’s Heart – Kehinde Wiley Speaker Series The second installment of the “Archaeology of Silence” Speaker series, "A Father's Heart," was held at the de Young Museum in San Francisco. It brought together Black men who had lost their children to state violence and spotlighted their national efforts to support the healing of other fathers and loved ones who had experienced similar trauma. The esteemed speakers confirmed [...]

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Replay: A Father’s Heart – Kehinde Wiley Speaker Series   Join us on Father’s Day weekend to hear from the heart of men who have lost their children to state violence. Panelists will also discuss their nationwide efforts to support the healing of other fathers experiencing similar trauma. Panelists: Andrew Joseph, father of Andrew Joseph Cephus “Uncle Bobby” Johnson, uncle of Oscar Grant Kevin Tarver, father of Darius Tarver [...]

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Cop City in Atlanta: the Intersection of White Supremacy, Militarism, and Environmental Destruction

A significant gathering of activists took place at Atlanta's City Hall in anticipation of a council vote regarding the allocation of tens of millions in public funding for the proposed construction of a police and firefighter training center. This facility, commonly referred to as "Cop City" by activists, has been the subject of intense criticism and opposition. The meeting marked the [...]

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Memorial Day Weekend Marked by 20 Mass Shootings, 16 Lives Lost in Latest Wave of Us Gun Violence

During Memorial Day Weekend, the United States was plagued by a distressing wave of gun violence, marked by a staggering count of at least 20 mass shootings. Tragically, these incidents resulted in the loss of 16 lives and left over 80 individuals wounded. This wave of bloodshed commenced in Arizona, as a 20-year-old man was accused of perpetrating five separate shootings [...]

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Debate on Guns in Schools: Pastor Mike McBride Joins Tammi Mac and Guests on Fox Soul

DEBATE: Are Schools with Armed Teachers Safer? | Tammi Mac Full Episode  Pastor Mike McBride joins the panel discussion Tammi and her guests are debating the pros and cons of having guns in schools. SUBSCRIBE to FOX Soul Black Thought on YouTube!! ►► WATCH LIVE & EXPLORE MORE at: Download the FOX SOUL app to watch LIVE shows and full [...]

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Remembering George Floyd

Today we pause to honor the memory of George Floyd, whose life was senselessly stolen three years ago today. Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers continue to accompany his family, friends, and community. May his legacy forever stand as a testament to the power of unity serving as a rallying cry for justice, peace, and love. --------------------------

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Why Allocating American Rescue Plan Funds to Violence Prevention is Key: an Op-ed Urging Local Leaders to Address Root Causes of Violence Beyond Ghost Guns

In this Op-Ed, authors Michael McBride and Ciera Bates-Chamberlain emphasize the need for local leaders to invest in violence prevention and address the root causes of violence, rather than solely focusing on banning "ghost guns." They acknowledge President Joe Biden's efforts to address ghost guns, which are untraceable firearms, but argue that it is not enough to combat the issue in [...]

REPLAY: A Mother’s Love – Kehinde Wiley Speaker Series Join us on Mother’s Day weekend to hear from women who have endured the painful loss of their children to systemic violence. We’ll celebrate their beloved children and hear how they are fighting for justice. Panelists: Gwen Carr, mother of Eric Garner Wanda Cooper, mother of Ahmaud Arbery Taun Hall, mother of Miles Hall Mona Hardin, mother of Ronald Greene [...]

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A New Front Line in the Debate Over Policing: A Forest Near Atlanta

 A New Front Line in the Debate Over Policing: A Forest Near Atlanta Publication: The New York Times Author: Sean Keenan and Joseph Goldstein Date: March 4, 2023 Takeaway/Summary: - When construction crews rolled into a patch of pine and maple trees southeast of Atlanta last month, the scene had more in common with a military incursion than a municipal building [...]

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