Orlando Gun violence declining in sync with new CVI program

Orlando Gun violence declining in sync with new CVI program, OPD data show People involved in urban gun violence often live in communities defined by decades of disinvestment and isolation from state institutions, social services and education that could help them succeed. They're also often struggling with trauma, says Live Free USA’s Antonio Cediel, who helps communities like Orlando launch gun violence [...]

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Live Free Statement on the Jacksonville Shooting

LIVE FREE USA joins in prayer for the families and loved ones of Angela Michelle Carr, Anolt “AJ” Laguerre Jr., and Jerrald De’Shaun Gallion, and stands with our comrades and the entire city and community of Jacksonville as they reel from the shock and devastation of this weekend’s mass shooting by a racist White supremacist vigilante. We applaud the leadership of [...]

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Community Advocates and Law Enforcement Officials Unite at Gun Violence Prevention Summit in Central Florida

On Monday, May 8, 2023, a significant event took place in Central Florida as community advocates, politicians, and law enforcement officials gathered for a Gun Violence Prevention Summit. With recent incidents of gun violence sparking debates across the nation, the summit aimed to address this critical issue. Hosted by State Attorney Monique Worrell, the event emphasized the importance of collaboration between [...]

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Florida Bill Aims to Criminalize Filming Police Actions, Further Oppressing Communities of Color

Florida bill to criminalize filming police actions is yet another anti-Black move | Opinion Miami Herald - Francesca Menes  April 10, 2023 State lawmakers are pushing witness intimidation legislation (Senate Bill 1126 and House Bill 1539) that purports to protect police officers. But these bills really are a not-so-veiled attack on communities of color that will make law enforcement less accountable. [...]

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Florida’s Latino Evangelical Church Unites to Speak Up Against Immigration Bill | Evangelicosforjustice.org

In Florida, Latino churches are organizing en masse to push back against a cruel anti-immigrant bill being proposed by the governor’s office. Bus loads of Latino pastors and ministry leaders assembled at the state Capitol in Tallahassee to pray, meet with legislators, and to ask the governor and state lawmakers to consider the damage that this bill will do [...]

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In Florida, Latino evangelicals mobilize against DeSantis’ crackdown on immigrants

In Florida, Latino evangelicals mobilize against DeSantis’ crackdown on immigrants Publication: Religion News Services Author: Alejandra Molina Date: March 2, 2023 Summary: - After Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis ordered state regulators to deny licenses or renewals to those sheltering unaccompanied migrant children, more than 200 faith leaders and evangelical pastors of Spanish-speaking churches made their way to downtown Tallahassee last year [...]

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Latino evangelicals launch campaign against Florida execution of Donald David Dillbeck

‘We believe in life at all levels and in all circumstances,’ said Bishop Angel Marcial, president of the Florida Fellowship of Hispanic Councils & Evangelical Institutions. February 15, 2023 By Alejandra Molina (RNS) — Latino evangelical leaders are calling on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to stay the execution of Donald David Dillbeck, who was convicted of fatally stabbing a woman after [...]

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