REGISTER NOW! Euclid, OH Hosts Bootcamp for Activists, Organizers and Peacemakers

Join the Euclid Hope Task Force and our national partner, LIVE FREE USA, for this three-day event that includes a Kick-Off Rally on Thursday, August 31st, followed by intensive trainings on community-rooted violence prevention and interruption strategies on Friday, September 1 and Saturday, September 2. The event is part of the Hope Task Force's ongoing efforts to build safe, sustainable community through human-centered, trauma-informed citywide collaboration. [...]

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Debate on Guns in Schools: Pastor Mike McBride Joins Tammi Mac and Guests on Fox Soul

DEBATE: Are Schools with Armed Teachers Safer? | Tammi Mac Full Episode  Pastor Mike McBride joins the panel discussion Tammi and her guests are debating the pros and cons of having guns in schools. SUBSCRIBE to FOX Soul Black Thought on YouTube!! ►► WATCH LIVE & EXPLORE MORE at: Download the FOX SOUL app to watch LIVE shows and full [...]

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Preventing Gun Violence: the Inspiring Story of Live Free and Pastor Mike Mcbride

Meet a pastor working within a broad ecosystem of peacemakers committed to curbing Oakland's homicides through anti-gun #violence work Pastor Mike McBride and his colleagues took proactive action to address the issue of gun violence via LIVE FREE. This movement aims to tackle the root causes of gun violence through building community organizing campaigns and direct service programs that intervene with [...]

Justice for Julius Jones – Racial Prejudice in the Criminal Justice System: the Case of Julius Jones Julius Jones remains incarcerated in Oklahoma, without the possibility of parole, despite maintaining his innocence and being TWICE recommended for commutation by the Oklahoma Pardon & Parole Board for a sentence with the possibility of parole.  In a case riddled with odious racial discrimination — including a police officer’s use of a racial slur during Mr. Jones’ arrest and [...]

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Congressman Bobby Scott to Provide $4.6m for Hampton’s Gun Violence Prevention Efforts

  HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) – Congressman Bobby Scott is expected to deliver $4.6 million to the City of Hampton Monday for gun violence prevention. The prevention tactics include education programs that highlight conflict resolution, the impacts of gun violence, and mental health. The City of Hampton says murders were down by 25 percent by the end of 2022 compared to the [...]

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Pastor Mike McBride interviews Damita Davis, Antonio Cediel and Teny Gross Live Free panel interview with Pastor Mike McBride. Get inspired by the amazing work of Damita Davis, Antonio Cediel, and Teny Gross who recount their experiences on the Lifelines to Healing Gun Violence Tour Damita Davis (Howard Cease Fire) Antonio Cediel (Live Free USA) Teny Gross (Institute of Non Violence Chicago)

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How Kehinde Wiley Is Reshaping the Monumental

Exploring the life and work of artist Kehinde Wiley, this film takes viewers on a journey from Wiley’s upbringing in South Central Los Angeles to his ascent as one of the world’s most iconic visual artists. Featuring interviews with the artist, his twin brother Taiwo Wiley, and his close friend and fellow artist Mickalene Thomas, the film supports the exhibition An [...]

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Coach Steve Kerr and Pastor Mike McBride speak out on Gun Violence

Coach Steve Kerr and Pastor Mike McBride speak out on Gun Violence Don’t turn away from our failure to protect our elders and children. The blood of the innocent cry out to us from the ground. America’s soil is drenched with blood. We are coming for you @leadermcconnell @gop @nra #BanAssaultWeapons #PassUniversalBackgroundChecks #FundCVI #ScaleMentalHealthInfrastructure #Buffalo #Uvalde #EndGunViolence #Enough #Peacemaker #livefreefire SHAME [...]

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Fund Peace Coalition Panel w/Dr. Antonio Cediel, Marcus McCallister, Shani Buggs & Dr. Chico Tillman

Fund Peace Coalition Panel w/Dr. Antonio Cediel FEATURING: Marcus McCallister, Shani Buggs & Dr. Chico Tillman   This summer, Fund Peace will be hosting a series of summits around the country to bring communities together, hear concerns related to community and gun-related violence in your cities, and provide information about advocacy efforts and grant funding opportunities for organizations. Please fill out [...]

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Birmingham Hosts its First Training Camp for Activists, Organizers and Peacemakers

By Nicole S. Daniel The Birmingham Times   Onoyemi Williams, Deputy Director of Faith in Action Alabama’s Birmingham chapter, on Tuesday stood before nearly 50 attendees gathered at the Western Health Center in Midfield for Peacemaker Boot Camp Training and explained the difference between an activist and an organizer. “You can become an activist by accident,” said Williams. “For example, Rosa [...]

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